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Oxxo Chile set an aggressive goal of reducing energy costs. The first challenge was to understand where and when energy was used.

It was necessary to digitize the information, constantly measuring the energy consumption of its stores in real time. All this in a simple and non-invasive way.

Thanks to Clickie's wireless technology, the digitization process of 26 stores was carried out in a timely manner and without affecting their operation.

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Electrical equipment management

The continuous monitoring of energy usage allowed for the detection of critical points of consumption, and the following management opportunities:

Scheduled operating hours

Equipment or appliances that recorded energy consumption during the store's closing hours were programmed to shut down automatically, thus managing to reduce unnecessary usage and extend their useful life.

Out-of-range alarms

In order to identify when and where consumption peaks occurred, we set up alarms that trigger when excessive consumption is detected. This facilitated the management of energy demand.


Clickie's automation service gave store managers control of their devices from the platform, such as the possibility of managing room temperature remotely.

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Room temperature management

Oxxo managed to effectively maintain an optimal room temperature in all of its stores thanks to the temperature management tools on the platform.

Smart thermostat

Clickie provided advanced control of air conditioning units, to automatically and remotely adjust modes and temperature level based on customer comfort parameters.

Automatic On/Off

Using the platform, the air conditioning was programmed to turn on half an hour before and turn off half an hour after the store's business hours.

Custom schedule

Clickie allowed the creation of custom schedules to turn on air conditioning on certain days and automate operating hours. Powered On Monday through Friday, powered Off on Saturdays and Sundays. Any timetable is allowed.

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Clickie Store monitoring and management system

Temperature monitoring

Quickly identify out-of-range temperatures through online monitoring.

Energy monitoring

Monitor main electrical equipment and appliances and create action plans.

Room temperature management

Find the ideal room temperature remotely from your Clickie Store.

Electrical equipment management

Automate power on and off based on your store's operating hours.

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Custom dashboard

The Clickie dashboard can be configured so that all the information you need to manage your smart store is accessible in one place.

Custom cards

Design your own dashboard with custom cards and optimize the way you visualize relevant information for efficient management. Choose the arrangement and order of your cards in the panel. Hide what you don't need to see.

Clear statistics

Have access to charts of energy consumption and detailed billing data for any given time period. Monitor the status of your assets, and visualize the main efficiency indicators. Everything from your dashboard.

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Digital avatar

We design a digital representation of your store, where you can check the status of electrical equipment and appliances at a single glance, and monitor key indicators in different areas.

Actual consumption

You can set time windows to record energy consumption data of your electrical equipment, and check the actual energy expenditure of refrigerators, ovens and air conditioners in your avatar.

Room temperature control

Check the status of your air conditioning units, and adjust mode or temperature level remotely and directly from your avatar.

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Newsletters and alarms

Find out what happened in your stores in minutes and make quick decisions. Clickie will send alarms and newsletters to all your devices to keep you posted on recent events.

Simple information

Newsletters are scheduled and sent to your email to summarize simple and reliable information about the current status of your processes.

Dynamic management

The alarms and notification system will keep you informed about critical events, so you can make dynamic decisions and capture opportunities in real time.

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more functionalities

Manage your store with the right tools

Clickie has many more functionalities to simplify the management of your smart store and improve the profit margin.

  • Customize the platform with your brand colors and logo.
  • Download your information in Excel.
  • Import your own data or export it through the Clickie API.
  • Visualize consumption in scatter charts.
  • Appoint managers for each variable.
  • Create your processes or synthetic variables from the information gathered by monitoring.
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