COPEC success story

COPEC presented the challenge of digitizing its critical processes, and including the necessary information on a single platform to integrate all its areas and improve management quality, while keeping the focus on being the first in service.

It was decided to transform its network of gas stations into smart stations, with an IoT system capable of monitoring and integrating all the critical variables involved in the business.

Thanks to the wireless and non-invasive LoRa® technology, we installed a flexible monitoring system to capture data from its entire network throughout Chile, and then configured the platform to meet its business needs.

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Online monitoring

The effectiveness of our monitoring system allowed us to digitize the processes required by COPEC in a short time.

Temperature and electricity

We monitored the temperature in Pronto COPEC areas and the energy consumption of its lubricants plant. The relevant consumption information was displayed on the Clickie platform with key indicators.

Asset status

We monitored the status of fuel pumps and the temperature of machinery to ensure their correct functioning. All collected information was displayed on the Clickie platform with tools such as the digital avatar.

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Information display

The Clickie platform was configured to COPEC's requirements to centralize and display all the information concerning its monitored variables in one place, providing tools such as:

Digital avatar

We designed a live digital representation of its gas stations to easily identify all the key indicators. The avatar made it easier to track the status of the fuel pumps and improve their management.

Reports and alarms

Clickie allowed the creation of custom notifications for defined events, targeted to designated users, and the configuration of custom alarms for critical events. This allowed, for instance, to alert maintenance personnel about refrigeration equipment failures or fuel shortages.

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Asset management

Thanks to Clickie's asset management service, we helped COPEC improve its predictive maintenance plans and the timely identification of failures.

Predictive maintenance

COPEC improved its action plans for the preventive diagnosis of fuel pumps, and thus managed to maintain adequate fuel supply for its customers.

Fault detection

Clickie improved the identification of failures in a timely manner, such as the detection of anomalies in refrigeration equipment on time, to alert maintenance personnel and avoid losses caused by downtimes.

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Clickie monitoring and management system

Online monitoring

Monitor all your critical variables in real time for an effective management of your business.

Asset management

Know the status and location of your company's physical assets at all times.

Notifications and alarms

Customize notifications and set alarms to receive timely information.

Information in the cloud

Get unlimited access to your information with no geographic or time limitations.

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One platform for everything

Our all-in-one platform not only allows you to integrate all relevant information in one place, it also gives you the freedom to customize the way you visualize and manage your processes.

Tailored to your company

Organize your dashboard with cards to see relevant information, such as the temperature and energy consumption of your gas stations. Set up notifications and alarms for critical events.

Management tools

Visualize everything in real time from your digital avatar. Control your smart gas station by managing assets remotely, monitoring their status, and detecting potential failures in time to execute dynamic action plans.

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Cutting-edge technology

Clickie offers non-invasive technology, such as smart gateways and the LoRa® wireless network, capable of covering large distances to monitor your entire network of gas stations.

LoRa® technology

This long-range technology is able to capture information from more than 5000 field sensors, transmitting encrypted data wirelessly between devices and gateways with high tolerance to interference.

Security and scalability

Clickie complies with high security standards to protect data and ensure a secure point-to-point connection. Our protocol-agnostic solution allows scalability when it comes to adding more sensors.

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Manage your smart gas station

Clickie has many more functionalities to improve the management of your gas stations and achieve the best quality of service for your customers.

  • Customize the platform with your brand colors and logo.
  • Download your information in Excel.
  • Import your own data or export it through the Clickie API.
  • Incorporate all the information of your activity in a single platform.
  • Create your processes or synthetic variables from the information gathered by monitoring.
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