Servicios partner energetico

Energy management system

With the help of the Clickie platform you can easily implement the 6 steps of our energy management system. You will be able to save up to 25% of the total energy consumed.

Make a diagnosis and establish a commitment

Knowing how energy is used is crucial for managing it. Clickie lets you monitor online energy consumption and get detailed information on your usage. Improve the commitment of your employees by appointing energy managers, and transform good intentions into real actions.

Set goals and create an action plan

Set goals by area or globally, establish benchmarks, define resources and set deadlines; all the monitoring is done from the Clickie platform. With the project management module, you can create an action plan, involve all areas, and track each task and its impact.

Evaluate progress and recognize achievements

Measure the progress of your action plan by comparing with benchmarks and generating competition to share best practices. Provide incentives for your employees to develop a cost-conscious culture. Using the project management module, you will quickly identify those who perform the best management practices.

Servicios tienda inteligente

Smart store

Do you own a convenience store? Turn it into a smart store with Clickie Store management tools, and increase the profit margin of your business.

Monitoring of energy consumption

Measure electricity usage online and detect excessive consumption or energy leaks. With Clickie, it is easy to quantify energy usage and create an action plan that translates into savings.

Automatic night shutdown

Automate the remote shutdown of electrical devices overnight. Not only do you save energy, but you also increase the useful life of the equipment.

Room temperature control

Avoid excessive energy consumption due to the improper use of air conditioners. Clickie provides advanced functions to manage room temperature and achieve optimal climate control.

Servicios gestion de activos

Asset management

Do you want to know the location and status of your assets anytime? Clickie constantly monitors each one of them so that you can manage your assets efficiently.

Real-time location monitoring

Do not lose track of your physical assets. Clickie keeps an automatic record of the exact location of your assets, and tracks their movement between areas or facilities.

Real-time status visibility

Clickie monitors the status of your equipment in real time. You can see what tasks they are assigned to, how are they being utilized, if they are overloaded or unused.

Failure prediction

The asset management system will alert you when a device or a piece of equipment is malfunctioning so you can do the necessary maintenance work and avoid unexpected failures.

Servicios domotica


Control your equipment or devices remotely anywhere, anytime, thanks to the Clickie automation service.

All the control, in one place

Send on and off commands, or manage your device settings remotely from the comfort of your platform.

Optimal temperature

Adjust your air conditioning system settings right from the platform. Use automation to achieve an optimal and energy efficient room temperature.

Increased useful life

Don't leave your air conditioning unit running overnight if your business has closing hours. Turn your AC off remotely or create a programmed schedule for automatic operation, and avoid unnecessary use that reduces the useful life.

Servicios submetering


Automate utility bill management and bill each unit's water, gas, electric use or any other variable. Collect consumption data from submeters, and send invoices automatically.

Automated billing and invoicing

Clickie sends the utility invoice to each of your customers or tenants by email, and at a predetermined frequency. As the manager, you have the option to receive a copy at the same time.

Cloud-based service

You can view detailed utility consumption information by unit. Your tenants or customers can also access their own consumption details. All the information is available through our cloud-based platform.

Custom invoice format

Your customers can choose the invoice format. Clickie can apply gamification elements, such as comparing consumption patterns with the average to encourage savings. In addition, the carbon footprint can be incorporated into the invoice.

Servicios integracion de sistemas

System integration

Clickie is capable of monitoring any type of variable that can be measured by sensors or imported from other systems via API. Manage all the critical variables involved in your processes, such as:


Keep energy demand under control to save money and reduce your organization's carbon footprint. Clickie provides tools such as the demand scatter graph to facilitate better management.


Manage temperature from your dashboard and visualize critical control points in areas represented by your digital avatar. You can configure alerts to detect temperature values outside a defined range.


Monitor water flow in real time with telemetry and manage consumption with Clickiedrop. You can export your data or send it automatically to regulatory body platforms.

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