In a few simple steps, you will have your Clickie platform up and running.

Technology integrators

We use cutting-edge technology, follow the highest safety standards, and optimize existing resources to read over 99% of equipment that emits any communication signal. Limits are almost non-existent.

Smart gateways

These are smart devices that possess memory and local processing capabilities. Their high performance ensures that your data arrives safely and securely.

LoRa® technology

It allows wireless communication between gateways and devices over long distances with high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Protocol agnostic

We use a wide variety of data reading protocols and we make the necessary adjustments to read any data source.

No limiting factors

There are no geographic or time limitations. Your information is in the cloud, accessible wherever you want, whenever you want.

Solucion integradores tecnologia
Dash industrias

A dashboard just for you

The control panel is made up of fully customizable cards. Each card represents a chart or visualization element that adds more value to your information.

Suitable for any scenario

The card-style layout is designed so you can visualize your information in several formats, with the content you choose, and in the order you prefer. If you need a custom card design, we make it possible.

In real time

View the information of your events as they take place. Our Clickie processes perform complex math operations instantly to deliver your results in real time.

Focused on the user experience

We put much of our effort in building an easy-to-use platform with a highly intuitive and user-friendly design. We listen to our users and value their feedback to create a better user experience.

Energías renovables avatar

Your digital avatar, without limits

With Clickie you can have your own digital avatar: a visual representation of your facilities or operational processes that displays real-time, relevant information.

Virtual replica of your organization

The digital avatar is completely custom designed. It provides deep visibility of what is happening in your organization at a single glance, with all its areas visualized and monitored.

Enriched with indicators

Add as many indicators as you need to the avatar. You can keep critical points under control by checking values in real time or periodically. Different colors for indicators facilitate quick detection.

Integrated automation

You can control your devices remotely right from the avatar. Adjust the temperature on your air conditioners, turn off equipment, or set up automatic tasks in response to changes in variables. There are no limits.

News Viña

Periodic newsletters

Create custom newsletters to deliver quick feedback on the status of your facilities to anyone in your organization. Get newsletters automatically delivered by email and access them from your phone.

Fully customizable

Clickie newsletters are composed of customizable blocks. Each block has different features that can adapt to any scenario to display the information you need.

With the frequency you choose

The frequency of newsletters can be daily, once a week, or Monday through Friday morning. It can even be set for the first day of each month to get a quick summary of the past month. You choose!

Simple to understand

Clickie newsletters are designed to occupy a maximum of one or two pages of information. In just minutes you can get informed on what is happening in your processes and make timely decisions.

Alerta y admin

Notifications and alarms

Keep up to date with important or unforeseen events that take place in your timelines (processes or variables monitored over time). Set up notifications and create custom alarms.

Fully customizable

Define custom events: validate that a value falls within an allowable range, configure time windows or set acceptance rates. You can choose recipients for notifications and much more.

Platform integration

You can show the limits configured for your alarms in the charts of your timelines, or get the number of activated alarms in your newsletters. All your events are integrated into different functionalities of the platform.

Any amount per timeline

You can set the number of notifications and alarms you need in each timeline. Create notifications for defined events and alarms for critical events that require your attention.

API v1

Clickie API

The powerful Clickie API facilitates the communication between systems to obtain your data and the entire structure of your organization.

Extract your information

With our well-documented endpoints, you can easily extract the information you want, and use it in your own systems.

Import your own data

Clickie lets you easily integrate the data generated by your systems to take advantage of the information you already have and enrich your dashboard.

Designed to be scalable

Clickie grows as your business grows. You can always extract or import greater data flow. Our microservices will scale proportionally.

Features, and more features

There is still a lot more you can do with Clickie! Check all these features...

Synthetic variables

We use complex formulas and statistical expressions to process your collected raw data, and transform it into simple and useful language.

Export your information

Download your information as Excel spreadsheet wherever and whenever you want. Each piece of information, along with the exact date it occurred, is 100% transparent and yours.

White label

Make the platform part of your business. Customize its appearance with your own image and brand colors. We give you the solution, the product is yours.

Do it yourself

You have the power to mold the platform to your needs. Manage your dashboard, avatar, newsletters, alarms and everything Clickie offers to your liking.

10 years of storage

By default, your historical data is secured and stored for ten years in the Clickie Cloud. If you'd like to extend this period, we can set the limit to your needs.


You can access statistical comparisons with similar facilities to motivate your staff, and meet and exceed your goals day by day.

Predictive maintenance

Clickie detects any malfunction of equipment in time to do proper maintenance and avoid interruptions. It's better to change habits, not equipment.

Responsive design

The Clickie platform is designed to be accessible and functional on any device. Manage your organization and processes from your phone, tablet or PC.


Clickie uses gamification techniques to encourage behavioral change, raise awareness of the value of resources in an entertaining way, and to motivate teamwork.

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