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What is Clickie?

Clickie is a system that combines IoT (Internet of Things) technology, management tools, and the theory of economic behavior.

We monitor critical variables of your business in real time, and deliver timely information capable of optimizing the way resources, such as electricity, are used.

Clickie is the solution you need: a friendly and interactive environment to visualize, manage, and value your resources.


Energy management system

Use Clickie management tools to implement 6 steps that will help you reach significant energy savings and cut costs.

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Smart store

Manage room temperature, turn off electronic devices overnight, and other functions remotely. Save up to 25% of energy.

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Asset management

Keep an automatic record of the status of your assets and their location in or around facilities. Add custom data to records.

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Turn your devices on and off remotely. Save energy in non-productive hours, and extend the useful life of your equipment.

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Automate your billing system and allocation of costs for energy, water, or any other utilities, by unit or customer.

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System integration

Manage any variable regardless of its source. Have absolute control of your processes at all times from the Clickie platform.

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Varios dispositivos

Simple information,
in real time

We designed a powerful platform that consolidates and processes all the information related to your business in one place.

  • Functional and customizable dashboard.
  • Digital avatar with critical control points.
  • Periodic newsletters with timely feedback.
  • Notifications and alarms for defined events.
  • API for easy integration with other devices and systems.
  • Gamification to encourage behavior changes.
  • Benchmarking to compare against similar facilities.
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Inicio capas solution stack

Our technology

We use non-invasive technology to monitor, in real time and with precision, all the variables that influence the processes of your business.

Key-in-hand solution

We are committed to giving you a tailor-made solution. We take care of integrating any sensors or meters you have to consolidate all your data into Clickie. Don't have monitoring equipment? Don't worry, we take care of that too.

Robust infrastructure

With the help of LoRa®, smart Gateways, and other wireless technology, we establish a secure connection between your remote devices and our platform. With Clickie, your data is safe and secure in the cloud.

Robust analytics platform

Our algorithms have the capacity to handle complex calculations and process large streams of data from different sources. We deliver reliable and accessible information 24 hours a day.

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Smart stores

Stores and supermarkets have already reduced energy consumption by up to 20%. Our automation service has been very useful to control air conditioners and other electrical equipment remotely.

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Gas stations

We've transformed gas stations into smart stations. We monitored their entire renewable energy network, such as wind turbines and solar panels, and provided scalable benefits like asset management.

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Renewable energies

We helped improve the performance of renewable energy plants by 20%. Clickie's predictive maintenance function helped increase equipment useful life and improve response times of maintenance staff.

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Core team

Marcelo Llévenes
Executive Director
José Miguel Concha
Chief Technology Officer
Ana Belen López
Backend Developer
Darling Silva
Finance & Management Control
Nicolás Llévenes
Chief Commercial Officer
Customer Journey Manager
Platform Manager
Francisco Lillo
Operational Support Officer
Pablo Chirino
Chief Cloud Architect
Marcelo Salinas
Board Member


Below we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions and information on our service and IoT technology.
Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our team of experts.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

This concept refers to the digital interconnection of different everyday objects to share information via the internet. From cell phones, refrigerators and smart thermostats, to industrial machinery and mining drills. This information can than be sent to complex systems -like our Clickie platform- to store, manage and process it, thus turning this stream of data into relevant information for the benefit of people.

Clickie allows you to transform millions of data into information, and this information into knowledge through interaction. By applying the theory of economic behavior alongside technology, we put this knowledge into action. With this recipe, you will remarkably improve the efficiency of your processes, take better care of energy and other resources, and make informed decisions at all levels of your organization.

Of course! Just contact us to discuss your needs and, based on them, we will co-create a roadmap to find the right solution, and offer our best service. We will take care of any technical challenge and be flexible to custom requirements. We will provide advice and be your partner at all levels: from the installation and configuration of the platform stages, until after it is all set. We will keep in contact to clear any doubts and help you make the most out of your information.

The process of finding the solution depends on each context. We usually make a technical visit to the facilities, work together on defining the architecture, and then make an economic proposal. Once accepted, we schedule the hardware installation if you need us to take care of that. With the installation done, you will immediately begin to obtain information on your Clickie platform. We focus on making this process take as few days as possible.

Sure! Contact us so we can talk, and request access to our Clickie demo. In some cases we can run a quick test by using our API to receive data from any source you have, and then create a custom demo with real information, for free.

Can I use my own sensors or hardware to obtain the information?

Of course! Once we make the technical visit, we define the most effective way to enable the service. If you already have the equipment, or prefer a particular brand, as long as these devices have the ability to communicate, we will make it possible!

That's not an issue. If you don't have the equipment, we provide you with a cost estimate for a key-in-hand solution that includes everything you need. Our philosophy is that you don't need to worry about anything technical related. We will take care of that.

In most cases we use M2M cellular technology to communicate to the cloud, but we can also use an existing wired network. We can also establish a local LoRa® network that allows communication of equipment and sensors at distances of more than 8 km (5 miles) from the place of cellular connection or main Gateway.

We are constantly monitoring the status of our field equipment. Once we detect a problem, we activate our remote action protocol through our software. If that doesn't work, we request assistance from the local personnel that was trained after the installation process. If the problem persists, we schedule a visit with our technicians. But don't worry, more than 90% of the problems are fixed remotely!

You don't need any level of technical knowledge, you just need to know your problem and we will take care of the solution. In any case, if necessary, it would be good to talk to the technical team in your organization to work together to find the optimal architecture at the lowest possible cost.

Can I request custom features for my organization?

All customers have the same version of the Clickie platform and everyone can access the same features. Our team follows agile methodologies for development: each new feature is prioritized based on its positive impact and complexity. We deliver new developments, improvements on architecture and interface, and much more within two-week time windows. Therefore, if you need some functionality that we don't have today, a fundamental condition is that it can be useful for many people, and based on this, it is then prioritized and put in our roadmap. About 95% of custom requirements can be fulfilled with our current functionalities due to the flexibility of Clickie. Our team will advise you and help you customize the platform. For the remaining 5%, we will try to find the best way to make it come true. Our methodology has many advantages: the main one being that we keep evolving and delivering more and more valuable tools for the same price, and you'll get these updates without having to do anything. Everything will be automatically updated and synced in the cloud.

None. The platform is designed so that you can visualize and manage all the variables you need in your business or organization in the simplest possible way. We will help you with the configuration and will continue to work on increasingly simple management tools. We also have user guides and, above all, we are always available for you to call or contact us if you have any questions.

All your information is stored in the Clickie cloud, and a small part of it is at times in the Gateways installed in your location until they can be sent to the platform through the Internet. The information is distributed in various types of databases and data gaps within our architecture on Amazon Web Services, and these servers are mostly located in São Paulo. Your information is yours, and you can safely retrieve it whenever you need via our API.

Your information is protected through Amazon Web Services security from the moment it enters our platform. In addition, there is data redundancy (copies of your data in various places) and periodic backups. Data is internally a set of IDs, key-value pairs, and meaningless strings of text distributed across multiple repositories, so "hacking" this information would be extremely hard, and given the case, the hacker would not know what to do with it.

Of course! As we said before, the information is only yours and you can do whatever you want with it. The only way of extracting your information from Clickie is through our API, where each user has their own security token to do it. Connecting is super easy and everything is well documented, so you can feed your own system, database, or data warehouse of your choice. We also help you through this process.

What is the pricing of Clickie?

Pricing varies depending on each solution, since the complexity of the facilities or the amount of information that you want to obtain or monitor may vary. There is always an initial assessment where we will tell you the exact total cost up front. Generally, this cost consists of an initial setup (if necessary) and the monthly service fee.

The initial setup depends on the complexity of the installation to be carried out in order to extract the greatest amount of data and information, and thus feed the platform. It also depends on the custom configuration of the platform once the installation is done. The cost is represented by the number of monitors or sensors to be installed, the magnitude of the installation, the network configuration to connect these monitors and sensors to send data to the platform, and the manpower required to do all of the above. The monthly fee is fixed and is based solely on the number of processes that the customer requires. A process is a critical variable, such as the total consumption in kWh, total power in kWh, the temperature of some machinery, ambient humidity, or CO2 in a room. Some processes are a bit more complex and have a slightly higher cost, such as electrical processes, while others are simpler and have a lower cost, such as temperature.

There's currently no such limits on the platform, so take advantage! You can have as many users as you want, set up the alarms you need, set up your own logo and brand colors on the platform, get the newsletters you want, and have an unlimited number of digital avatars. You also have access to future updates and continuous improvement of the platform.

Up until now, there is no feature that requires additional payment. Clickie is 100% available at the same price. If you have custom requirements, these are assessed and prioritized based on how useful they are for the rest of the users, and you won't be charged for their development.

Of course! The more processes you monitor, the lower the price for each one will be. Contact us to assess your case and provide you with all the information.

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